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[page 16] _BRIEF RECORD OF FIRST MYTHOPOEIC MOOT_ Generous hobbits and attenders: Glen & Sandra GoodKnight, Scott & Kent Smith Gerald and Steve Rioug, Mary & Roy Matheson (at their burrow), Dale & Julie Ziegler, Terry McClenahan, Sue Chandler, Holly Vechio, Greg Martin, Gary Crandall, Chris Barczak, Steve Morford, Doris Robin, Karen Trimble, Simon Wilson, and hope I missed no one. Talked over mural painted by Gandalf Grandall hanging in Matheson home. Saw brief movie of Party (shown again later). Broke up for hobbit talk and lembas and 1420 Kool Aid. Matheson's were generous with fruit too. Glen passed out out Mythopoeic Bibliography (many copies left for small donation) and discussed them at length. Discussed poetry of Tolkien, Lewis, and Williams. Read Tale of Beren & Tinuviel (I later decided Song of Durin was better)* and discussed it and some Philosophy. Q.: could Edain go to Elvenhome? Scriptures of interest: pointed out:(H,BB,286)"Surely you don't disbelieve the prophecies because you had a band in bringing them about yourself? You don't really suppose, do you, that all of your adventures and escapes were managed by _mere luck, just for your sole benefit?"_ And another I wrote down as "I,65" but must be wrong. We also discussed Edmund Wilson's infamous article at length and criticism of it from books. Then groups brok eoff into discussions of Narnia and Hobbit Happenings and such. Plans for future include discussion of _Perelandra_ by CS Lewis and Tolkien's 'Leaf By Niggle' story, amongst other things. November 11 moot: Doris Robinm Temple City, December:Sue Chandler, Pasadena. See Glen. <Handwritten.> SOME SAID EARENDIA <End handwriting.>