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[page 9]_LAERË AND SUCH_ Over the Summer.....I went to the Westercon XX (Western S-F Convention) in L.A. I pedalled _Nazg_ a lot*but found that Greg Shaw couldn't 'make it' to the Con under some mysterious circumstances concerning money stolen. But I should think that if he really had something arranged something should have showed up or a room should at least have been opened to Congregate. Many science fiction personalities were there and Marion Zimmer Bradley, a beeg Tolkien fan, was the pro guest of honor. I met other such hobbits as Felice Rolfe, Diana Paxson, Mr. Breen (Bradley), Poul Anderson, Bruce Pelz, and scores others. One fan had a camera and commented that it was quite hobbitish and took only 'frodographs' (Dean Greenwell). The art show wasn't so good but there were a number of T. things: a painting of Arwen & Aragorn, 'Morgoth, Bane of Numenor'. A 'cover' for an UNCLE 'The 10th Nazgul Affair','The Eye of Mordor', 'The Road' (calligraphic transcription of poem),'Cirith Ungol', etc. There were a lot of new buttons and posters around and all sorts of Notes. Oh, another painting was 'The Shadow Host' and a beautiful, if not all Tolkienish, painting of Siegfried and Fafner. There was 'Baggins, We Hates It Forever' too, but hobbitism was lacking at the Con. In a speech Harlan Ellison gave about rushed life he said, "The show doesn't need to go on--maybe the hobbits had it right--just sit around and smoke alot..." Then Monday evening there was the costume ball with a Merry & Pippin, and the _Star Trek_ people were there. William Shattner got up to say something and said,"First of all I'd like to say Frodo _does_ live..." I also picked up copies of _I Palantir_ & _TI_. The last event Tuesday was the Tournament which rather bewildered the mundanes as everyone marched into the public park. I also went to the World Jamboree. I found several hobbits among our troop and spent several times explaining Tolkien. On tour we saw _Malibu U_ one night on which Leonard Nimoy of _ST_ sang a song about Bilbo's Adventures and some girls with Frodo Lives buttons go-goed. I wore my button a lot and found people all over the place at the WJ who'd read the Books. Most of the bookshops were almost sold out on them. I picked up several insignia for my Tolkien costume (lion of Belgium for clasp, the Warchester County sign which I fixed up, a Scottish skean-dhu,etc.). On the last day two Germans asked if they could have my elvish buttons and of course they got 'em. I also went down to the Free Press Offices. It was quite fun and I picked up lots of Notes. I might say that their bathroom is filled with Tolkien graffiti... I also visited Disneyland (ever think of a Tolkien ride, not for commercialism, but for fun?). One shop carried swords which I looked at (made in Toledo, Spain). I naturally wore my buttons and one person read the elvish FL as "him trips". One of the guides on the Carribean ride got excited when he saw them being a hobbit. At another candy shop a UCLA girl hadn't even heard of Tolkien (the school secretary I think!) and asked a man who thought it was some TV program...oh well. I had plenty of Pest Awful (as some would have it) problems too. Don't put elvish names on my mail, please! I've lost two TSA orders already... I dittoed some TSA cards and stuck them in library books, Books in stores,etc. I suggest you spread it likewise or put up posters and displays, eh? Knowing that our beloved Edmund Wilson identifies with Sauron I wrote a short letter with some questions on JRRT. I got a printed card back saying that E. Wilson regrets that he cannot do: (you name it, it was there) and the postmark was 'Boonville'. Edmund Wilson lives and is hiding in the Barad-dur! (Talcottville, Lewis County, N.Y.). I also tried to order a book "The Pleasures of Pipe Smoking by Carl Weber for people to sign at a party and to send T. for fun as it is loreish and interesting but Publisber's Central Bureau foiled my order. As always, oh well. KRLA also sponsored a Fantasy Faire. Sandra Ballif's brother had a shop with <Handwritten.> *AND ENDED UP GIVING MOST AWRY. <End handwritting.> (continued somewhere) [page 21] (Summer...) such banner as Condor's flying from it. There was a booth from the 'Middle-earth' and a small nook called 'Smaug's Stash' with a beautiful sign. A lot of people in medieval clothes were there and several (of course) Hobbits. It was held on Devon_shire Downs_ and I hear 'twas too commercialized from Uncle Tom. Fer thu hal.