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[page 8] TINUVIEL <Embellishment> MELENIE JAN WEISS, 75 IRMISCH AVE., LINDENHURST, NEW YORK 11757 <Embellishment> {Music: The following lyrics accompnay 16 bars of music. The music should be read in treble clef and has a key of f major. Timing is 4/4. The score includes both notes for singing and the acompanying chords.} THE LEAVES WERE LONG THE GRASS WAS GREEN THE HEM-LOCK-UN-BELS TALL AND FAIR AND IN THE GLADE A LIGHT WAS SEEN OF STARS IN SHAD-OW SHIM-MER-ING, TIN-Ú-VI- EL WAS DAN-CING THERE TO MU-SIC OF A PIPE UN-SEEN & LIGHT OF STARS WAS IN HER HAIR AND IN HER RAI- MENT GLIM-MER-ING.