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[page 8] Music is the essence of Tolkien. Many songs from The Book have been set to music. Flanders and Swann in the _Songbook_ for example. I believe "Elbereth Gilthoniel" has been done the most. Marion Zimmer Bradley (author of "Men, Halflings, and Hero Worship") has written quite a bit. It is rumoured that at the moment she is preparing to _possibly_ have some of it published by Shirmer, and if you know anything about music you know they are Beeg. And what is a Moot without music?? Humorous, philosophical. Joyful and saddened. Original songs, settings to poems, improvisations, twisted lyrics to well known songs, duos, choruses, etc. permeate the new Middle-earth of the Fourth Age with tales of longing for a time gone. But I ask all musicians to please write overly plain as copying is very difficult even if I know music. Below are two examples of the state of mind Tolkien's wonder can set one in. They are from "Tinuviel"(I.258).