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[page 6] About the Frodo Poster (which can be had several places including Headquarters and The Free Press): It is really quite colorful, however there are several mistakes. Frodo's feet aren't very hairy, he is pictured as a young boy, he is quite thin, instead of roundbellied, and too pale. These can be touched up. Though they're there only for representation, the other I9 rings are all just smooth and gold. The knife isn't the way I pictured one either. But it is a colorful piece. Of all the representations of hobbits (from Diana Paxon's in _Niekas_, to those on the covers of the Old Hardbounds) my favorite, though this may seem blasphemy, is Jack Gaughar's inside, on the frontpiece, of the Ace _Fellowship_. This isn't credit to Ace, but to Jack Gaughar. He explained the covers had their mistakes in _Niekas_ I6 (which can still be had).