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[page 3] WRITE THE BRANDYWINE MUSHROOM COMPANY AT Brandywine Mushrooms, Division of Borden Co. West Chester Pa. FOR THEIR FREE BOOKLET "GOURMET GLOBE TROTTING". Bob Foster writes me that Minas Tirith is pronounced Mi-nas Tir-ith. (Bob is the TSA Historian and writer of the Glossary of M-e and should know- 376 E 8th St. Brooklyn, NY)...Chess was played [unreadable] ([unreadable] 45). On the Ballantine Map of M-e ($1.50). [2 words unreadable] is spelled "[unreadable] Michel Delving" should be on the "White Downs". Druadan Forest and Stonewain Valley (back of Minas Tirith). the Withywindle Mer[unreadable] Stream (at mouths of [unreadable]wash), Snowbourn river (near Edoras), Deeping stream (at Helm's Deep) the Swanfleet (flowing from Tharbad thru @through@ Dunland) Adern (South branch of Isen into which Deeping flows), and the Marnen (boarder of South Gondor and and Near Harad), should be labeled...pipeweed is [2 words unreadable] perhaps at B & F's birthday or Yule but especially [unreadable] next the [unreadable] thinking on holding a hobbit-in...a Free Fair...the paperbacks _Conan_ (series Lancer), _Slaves of Sleep_ (Lancer) _Day of the Minotaur_ (plug your ears as the @they@ did at they @the@ Council when Gandalf used Black Speach @Speech@. Ace), _The Weirdstone of Brisingamen_ (Ace), & The Worm Ouroboros_ (Ballentine) all mention Tolkien on their jackets...Of interest to fans _Weirdstone_ and _Ouroboros_ more later)... new book is out by Charles Moorman called _Precincts of Felicity_ all about Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis and JRRT... were the gnomes (_Hobbit_, 164) Nibelungs?.In Sieggried (Act III, scene I) Wotan uses the term Vala twice (see it in context)...COME TO MIDDLE-EARTH Opening at I8467 Ventura Blvd. Reseda[unreadable]...HOBBIT TOWN (or Hobbiton) Yes, the hippies have set aside an area of 90 acres for a haven for 20,000 hippies, named just that, 20 miles north of Nevada City, California..."Your axe @ax@ is _gone_, _Dor_i" "Didn't you just _hobb_ _it_?" "Yes, but _she lob_bed it in the river" (short pause for hysterical outbursts)...The old capitol of Ethiopia was Gondor (or so Diana Paxson says)...There is a Buckland, Alaska and Mass...there is a Brandywine Springs in Deleware...Brandywine Creek in Pa...There was a senator Theodore Gilmore Bilbo...a linguist John Tooke...a novelist Margaret Oliphant...There is an Ork (brand) excersize @exercise@ board...On p.74,I it speaks of walking trees..Entwives? A scientific research group has put out a [unreadable] showing their expiriments in using highly sensitive instruments to record screams of plants & trees when out... Huorns?...Tolkien says he was influenced by H. Rider Haggard's _She_ (good book)... _N_ reported that JRRT started _The New Shadow_ set after the 3rd Age..._The Silmarillion_ (_when_ it comes out) will be 3 or 4 volumes...mentioned before but when The Knack came to play at my school the leader was testing the mike @mic@ and said "Gandalf rules the world"...Good sf novels for fans interested in language are _Babel-17_ (Sam Delany, Ace, one editions) & _The Languages of Pao_ (Jack Vance, Ace, xlent)... 'Fax' as in 'Shadowfax' comes from Norse fam [unreadable] mane...goldwine (III, 435) means generous prince or goldgiver...'theoden' means king..'peregrine' is a type of hawk, 'pippen' an apple. (males names non-sensically or after natural things) ...and Tolkien shows his adeptness of naming [several words unreadable] is a poison [the final line of text is unreadable] {Image: A line drawing of a spotted mushroom sits to the right of the middle of the previous paragarph. Above its right side is a symbol that looks something like the Hebrew aleph. To the right of the mushroom's base is a small red flower.} [page 4] flower....In Habakkuk II:3 Greg Shaws says that the San Francisco Calliope Co. put on a Tolkien Dance...also that there is a rock group in San Diego which is doing some Tolkien songs....'Ar-' means king (as in Arathorn, Aragorr, Ar-Phar- azon, etc.) but does 'agorn' mean anything? I (and others) find AdĂșnaic (Numenoreon) rather distasteful....When did Tolkien win the International Fantasy Award?... 'Farthing' comes from Anglo-Saxon 'feorthan', meaning 'fourth'..Marcella Juhren (670 Kelton #2, LA 90024) says she thinks it takes some of the romance out of the words and names to translate them..I agree..try 'withywindle', which I had always considered very mystical...There is a dwarf Mim in TLotR and a Nibelung Nime in the Ring of the Nibelungen...The Man in the Moon was taken to Dol Amroth...'Dol' means 'castle', 'guldur' means necromancy..I have several M-e Dictionaries here but nothing really complete..Dick Plotz says they are 'out of date' and Bob Foster says means they are very incomplete and there is an explanation of this 'in the October Tolkien Songbook'..write Bob about it...FRODO LIVES' BUMPER STICKERS may be had with other micellania from Frodo's Uncle, Box 25471, Los Angeles 90024...Tom Bombadil had a two-story house...On his album 'Sunshine Superman' folk-rock singer Donovan wrote, on the song 'The Season of the Witch', "mr. plod's in action with a daughter from the evil land of mordor"... Valadictorian?...On page 64 of _The Dream Master_ (Ace, Roger Zelazny) it mentions a 'Tolk_ei_n'. Is it a misprint as there are a lot? See it in context...If the trolls in _The Hobbit_ were Olog-hai (and they _look_ like them) why did they turn to stone?...KPFK read _The Hobbit_ over the air wood for word... Glen Elrond reports that between breaks on KBLA someone yells 'Frodo Lives'... Who were the five Wizards?(Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast...)...Of interest to some fans would be _Conan_ (Lancer), _Stormbringer_ (Lancer), and the works of Emil Petaja (_The Saga of Lost Earths_, _The Star Mill, & _The Stolen Sun_ <Ace is written in between the lines> based on the Finnish epic Kalavala legends...what were the _three_ races of Nen (III, 488)?... In German the 2nd person plural in the present subjunctive of the verb 'haben', to have, is 'habet'...There is a paperback called _The Troll Garden_..so that's how Sauron bred them....From _N_17, p. 81: "Old ringbearers never die, they just fade away"....There are over 1,000 lines of poetry in _TLotR_, and closer to another hundred...From _The Christian World of C.S. Lewis_ (by CS Kilby, who helped on _The Silmarillion_),"Narnia ((allegory)) is indeed a world in itself- again not so deep and profound a cosmos as that created by Tolkien..."...'Dust Covers' for the paperbacks may be gotten from Ed Meskys, Belknap College, Center Harbor, N.H. 03226..tho @though@ the covers are by very hobbitish Diana Paxon...Mark Mandel says that dwimmor means 'ghost' (related to haunted, from OE)...When is _TLotR_ essay book coming out?..Gollum lives and is hiding on a ledge in Sammath Naur! Anyone for a Gollum birthday party?...Marta Mahoney (506. S. Gretta, West Covina) says,"We had a Tolkien discussion at my dorm at Stanford with a lecture by an English t.a. from Oxford...He mentioned that 'the names of the dwarves are taken from Icelandic poetry@'@ ((Elder Eddas, TJ II:I, III:I, N. 17, p69)). I was reading one of the Icelandic sagas one day and came upon a list of dwarves- all the names were there, Gloin ((in the Wind?)) Gimli, and so on. But right in the middle of them was the name _Gandalf_. Well, such is the power of Tolkien that my immediate reaction was that the _poem_ _had_ to be _wrong_!"...Stanley Hoffman (7657 Orion, Van Nuys, 91406) is collecting various modes of writing elvish (he will also do @does@ margin art and essays)... the particular mode I use (not because it is very exotic but its @it's@ simple) is the Uniform System of Tengwar (by Cory Seidman, linguist and elvish expert, 56 Linnaean St.,Cambridge, Mass. 02138) which appeared in TSA J II:I.I generally write phonetic (with elvish abbreviations, symbols, innovations, etc.) but am not strict since phonetic translation is hard to figure out and doesn't look good. I write my Runes generally mostly orthographic. Marcella Juhren, Mark Mandel, & Bob Foster have done work in ELvish language, and others. Entmoot had an elvish system (probably the best, but not widely circulated, similar to Cory's). A quick, crude, and brief vowel system is here: bit <Tengwar>, bet <Tengwar>, bat <Tengwar>, put <Tengwar>, bought <Tengwar>, ng <Tengwar>, r <Tengwar> <"ends of words & before consonants" is written between the lines>, w <Tengwar>, h <Tengwar>, beer <Tengwar>, bear <Tengwar>, burr <Tengwar>, bar <Tengwar>, boor <Tengwar>, bore <Tengwar>, beat <Tengwar>, mate <Tengwar>, bite <Tengwar>, boot <Tengwar>, boat <Tengwar>, bout <Tengwar>, boy <Tengwar>, hy <Tengwar>, hwd,y2 wo <An arrow> (after another consonant in both), beauty <Tengwar>, queen <Tengwar>, youth <Tengwar>, win <Tengwar>, etc. r <Tengwar> (at start of syllable) <The following is written in by hand> <An arrow pointing right>* Sandra Ballif also; Dainis Bisenieks (1035 POMONA, ANN ARBOR, Mich 48103) 18 & MYSELF QUITE AUTHORITATIVE ON RIGNISMS.... <End handwriting>