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[page 37] _ENTMOOT_, the Tolkien fanzine, is now Famous and Immortal. The July 2 issue of the Saturday Evening Post contained an article by Henry Resnik called "THE HOBBIT-FORMING WORLD OF J.R.R.TOLKIEN" which included the following information: "By now most of the fanzines include regular articles on Tolkien, and one fanzine publisher, a 17-year- old Californian named Greg Shaw, initiated the second Tolkien publication, _Entmoot_. (Translation: a gathering of ents; the oldest, wisest, and in many ways noblest of all Tolkien's creatures, they strongly resemble trees.)" This gratifying if inaccurate mention (I did most definitely not 'initiate' _Entmoot_; Dave Hall did, and he should have been mentioned too. Resnik knew better) has added even more people to _Entmoot_'s mailing list, so that now, this magazine which was originally published by science fiction fans for organized fandom and the people therein who were interested in Tolkien, has as the majority of its readership people whom I don't know, and who know little or nothing about fandom or the work it has done with Tolkien. This has had some effect on _Entmoot_'s editorial policy, as evidenced by the fanzine review column and Ted Johnstone's poem in this issue. I think that _Entmoot_ is in a good position now to reprint some of fandom's past efforts relating to Tolkien, which will probably be familiar to the fans reading it but will be new to most of the new people who have come along since the paperback editions. You're probably wondering why this magazine is four months overdue@.@ Well, it's because I haven't gotten around to publishing it til now. Hopefully I will be able to keep on a regular schedule with future issues. Don't worry about it. Just keep sending your material and your money, and you'll bet your _Entmoot_s. You may even get an Entoot someday which is what some kid wrote in and asked for. I had lots of hot Tolkien news back in March or April but it's all outdated now and you read it in the Tolkien journal anyway. I do have some interesting information, however, which I shall lift from NIEKAS 16: Tolkien himself expects the first volume of _Silmarillion_ to appear before the end of this year. It does not have a unified plot-line like LotR but is episodic. It covers from the first rebellion of Morgoth to the founding of Gondor.....Elves will, obviously, play u very prominent part.....Tolkien haa started a sequal, _The New Shadow_, set 100 years after LotR, but has abandoned it permanently. Its point was a bit different [page 38] than reported last time. The point is that after 100 years of complete peace and prosperity the people wouldn't be able to take it any more and would "be going for every sort of madness." New disturbances would be bound to break out ... Prof. Rose Zimbardo of City College of NY and Neil Isaacs of U of Tennessee are preparing a volume of articles about JRRT & LotR and are inviting manuscripts. (Write Isaacs at the Dept. of English, U of Tennessee, Knoxville.) Thanks to Ed Meskys. I hope he doesn't mind my reprinting the above. Really, you all must subscribe to Niekas. (See fanzine review section.) One other small bit of news is that Ballantine recently brought out "The Tolkien Reader" which contains "The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm's Son", "Tree and Leaf",: "Farmer Giles of Ham", "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil" by Tolkien and "Tolkien's Magic Ring", an appreciation of LotR by Peter S. Beagle. For the first time in history, at the 1967 Westercon in Los Angeles, which will probably be the best Westercon yet, there will be a Tolkien program, presided over by your modest editor. I've been given a room in the convention area which will hold about 50 people. Ideas as to what I can do with my room will be appreciated and gratefully considered. (The obvious suggestion does not need to be made, kids.) It will be a strange Tolkien program, a strange Westercon, for that matter, since I will be accompanied by a lot of friends from the other world I move in outside of fandom, that is the rock 'n' roll hippie scene. There are a surprising lot of long-haired, hippy folks who have read Tolkien and are seriously, interested in it. A group of people here in San Francisco put on a Tolkien- oriented rock dance concert earlier this summer called "Bilbo's Birthday", a theatre here is being fixed up with the intention of having stage adaptations of Tolkien's works, some people at UCLA are already actively working on a film based on LotR, which quite likely will star Donovan and use his "Sunshine Superman" album as the sound-track. Some people at S.F. State College are thinking of filming portions of LotR here. In other words, to sum it all up, for ten years we fans have been sitting around discussing Tolkien and pointing out to one another how nice it would be if movies and other groovy things were done with it, but it took the paperbacks and a whole different group of people, the "beatniks", to actually do something about it. And believe me, an awful lot is being done by these people. Besides the stuff I've mentioned, there is a rock band here called "Thorinshield" which does songs with titles like "The Lonely Mountain," and a Tolkien band forming in San Diego with folksinger Hedy West playing electric bass. Information on all this and more can be got from me if you live in a big city and want to know what the hippies are doing with fantasy there, and I recommend you make the Westercon.