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[page 15] _RICK OBERMEYER_ Box 3572 Florida State University, Tallahassee , Fla. 32306 I was very disappointed in the art styles you have available. They looked too much like excerpts from a poorly produced S-F periodical to me. The only illustrations that I felt came close to fitting my preconceptions of Middle-Earth were those on pages 18, 20, and 21. While the cover seems to be of the same style, it loses big; but as fillers, they were great. I picture Middle-Earth as being a rough, untamed place, where beauty must either be rough itself or be protected by the strong, or hidden away in small corners. The mood I was in as I first read Mr. Tolkien's works was like that of an impending thunderstorm. You know, the kind of "hushed stillness" just before the winds start to blow.