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[page 13] _GEORGE BIRIS_ 344 West 12th Street, New York, N.Y. 10014 I like the art in your zine--the issue I received had a picture of a warrior girl on the last page--I guess it would be Lady Arwen. -/Blarp? LADY ARWEN? A warrior girl? No, the girl on the bacover @backcover@, whoever she was, was a mortal woman. And I'll take Arwen as a Disney fairy princess any day before I'11 take her as a common warrior girl./- In your editorial, say that any questions regarding the tehtar should be asked, and welcomed. I was taught (by Mark) that the O-curl was written thusly <unknown character> , the u-curl thus <unknown character>. I never questioned this, and Professor Tolkien, on the title-page, puts them as such. In Entmoot, I find such characters as <unknown character>, and <three dots in form of triangle>. Please explain. Also, in the poem "Hope" by Ned Brooks, you have the word "and" written <unknown character> whereas it should be written <unknown character> of title-page of LotR again. -/Evidentally you missed Entmoot 2 with the article on the phonetic tengwar system, which Tolkien says could be devised but points out he is not using in the title-page inscription. <unknown character> indeed means 'o' and ditto on the other tehta, but in a phonetic system you must have several variations on each vowel-sign for different pronunciations and vowel-sounds, I am aware of Tolkien's metnod of writing 'and' and use it occasionally, but according to the brief reference to it that he makes in the appendixes @appendices@, it is used only when the conjunction is very weak, and needn't neceasarily be used at all; it was only a shortcut, like a contraction./-