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[page 14] _TOLKIEN IN PAPERBACK_!? by Ned Brooks Yes, fandom, we suddenly find the fabulous Middle-Earth epic very much in paperback, tho to many of us it seems that the only appropriate edition would be one on vellum, bound in unborn unicorn hide. Be that as it may, I find that I have essentially all of the current editions, ao @so@ I thought a brief review and some comments would be in order. First let's define what we are talking about here, for anyone who came in late. The Middle-Earth epic consists, so far, of four books, in the following order: THE HOBBIT (H), THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (F), THE TWO TOWERS (I) @(T)@, And THE RETURN OF THE KING (R). The last three are referred to as a trilogy, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, and the letters I have placed in () after each will be needed later, for brevity. Incidentally, two further Middle-Earth epics are rumored, THE SILMARILLION and THE AKALLABETH. Let us start with the HOBBIT (H). There have been, to my knowledge, five editions, if we ignore the minor differences between the current hardcover US edition and its British counterpart. It is my understanding that the pages in the current editions are printed from the same plates, so that only the binding and dust-jacket differ. So we have: H - The current hardcover edition, Houghton-Mifflin, Boston, nd, nineteenth printing. Some earlier printings of this edition contained a color frontispiece by Tolkien which was dropped somewhere between the 13th and 19th printings. The black & white illus. are the same in all hardcover editions. _This edition will be used as the "base" in all page number conversion equations_. H1 - THE FIRST EDITION. Actually, there are two editions here, the page numbering being identical. A US first edition had four color plates by Tolkien, while the British first edition had only the color frontispiece. The US 1st was also a slightly larger book, while subsequent US editions were like the British 1st edition. At least this is my understanding of the matter. In any case, the "H1" editions have the same page numbering (pagination, for any bibliographical snobs in the audience). The important difference between the "H" and the "H1" edition that in "H" part of chapter five has been revised. Hp - The British paperback edition, the "p" standing for "Puffin". Published by Puffin Books in 1961. The text is identical with the current hard-cover edition (H) except that the Puffin edition omits to mention that chapter five has been revised. Good cover by Pauline Baynes. HB - The US paperback edition, the "B" standing for Ballantine. Published 1965. Text is identical with base edition (H) . _Page Number Conversion Equations for HOBBIT_ (accurate to within 2 pages I hope): H1 - H: Thru page 90(H), H1 = H Pages 91-100(H), H1 text different from H Page lOO(H)*on, H1 = H-5 or H = H1 -/- 5 *_Note_: Unless otherwise stated, page numbers refer to base editions. [page 15] Hp - H: Throughout, Hp = 0.90H -/- 1, or, H = 1.11Hp-1 HB-H: Throughout, HB = 0.89H -/- 5 or, H =1.12HB-6 My deathless curse on the editor if he prints those equations wrong. The symbol "-/-" is "plus", of course. The case of the three-volume LORD OF THE RINGS (vol 1, FELLOWSHIP (F), vol 2, TWO TOWERS (T), and vol 3 RETURN... (R)) is somewhat simpler: F,T,R - The hardcover edition of the trilogy, being in three vols in the order given. The US (Houghton-Mifflin) and British (Allen & Unwin) editions differ only in binding and dust jacket. I did, hear a rumor some time ago of a one-volume LORD OF THE RINGS, but never got any confirmation. FA,TA,RA - The first US paperback edition, published by Ace. Pirated in the view or some, tho Ace's legal position is unassailable. Garish covers by Jack Gaughan. Price 75ยข per volume, 1965. Appendix page references not corrected. FB,TB,RB - The Ballantine paperback edition, touted as "Authorized", with some additional material by Tolkien, mainly in the foreword and appendices and the addition of several indices. Covers better than Ace, but anon. In vol 1 (FB), the ring inscription on page 80 is upside-down. _Page Number Conversion Equations for FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING_ (vol 1 of the trilogy): FA - F: Book l (thru p.227), FA = 1.05F -/- 3 or, F = 0.95FA-2 Book 2 (p.231 on), FA = 1.05F -/- or, F = O.95FA-1 FB- F: Book 1 (thru p. 227), FB = 1.23F -/- 7 or, F = O.81FB-6 Book 2 ((p.231 on), FB = 1.24F -/- 3 or, F = 0.81FB-2 _Page Number Conversion Equations for THE TWO TOWERS_ (vol 2 of the trilogy): TA - T: Book 3 (thru p. 206) TA = 1.08T-5 or, T = 0.92TA -/- 5 Book 4 (p. 209 on), TA = 1.1OT-7 or, T = 0.91TA -/- 6 TB - T: Book 3 and Book 4, TB = 1.28T-2 or, T = 0.78TB -/- 2 _Page Number Conversion Equations for THE RETURN OF THE KING_ (vol 3 of the trilogy ): RA - R: Book 5 (thru p. 169) RA = 1.12R-7 or, R = 0.90RA -/- 6 Book 6 (p. 173 on), RA = 1.13R-11 or, R = 0.89RA -/- 10 Appendices (photocopy, RA = R -/- 28, or, R = RA - 28 RB - R: Book 5 (thru p. 169), RB = 1.26R-5 or, R = 0 .79RB -/- 4 Book 6 (p. 173 on), RB= 1.26R-7 or, R = 0.80RB -/- 4 Appendices revised from earlier editions