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[page 4] Arwen's Song in Gondor I The shore is not so near now Its roaring is so dim I only hear it sometimes In the rushing of the wind For loved am I as Lady Of a land both high and free With every green and growing thing And One elf-tended Tree And loved am I by many And loved am I by one And night and day am happy Under Gondor's moon and sun II But in season after sunset Ere the night is come fullblown High and pale the Evenstar Rides fair above the Lhun And my gaze is drawn far Westward And the curse of Elven Eyes Reveals the grey sails fading O'er the endless Western seas Those Westron seas still ageless As outlived a thousand shores Though my time is days and seasons And no more the Eldar's years. III Then night runs deep and the Elven-stars EƤrendil's lofty bier, Recall the longfame of my line And I feel the stars of fire And I dare not lift my eyes more To the Elven-jeweled sky For the stars are still as old now, The stars are still as high Then I will my long-eyes Northwards But the land cures not my pain For I still see rolling Ocean In the grasses of Rohan. IV Then my thoughts are carried backward To that unforgotten day When tears hid midst the laughter As the White Ship sailed away And I yearn with all my power Towards the Land Forever Green And there wings a thought in answer And it tries to weave a scene A scene of ages long to come Which tne change-winds may yet bring "In the meads of fair Tasarinan, The willow meads in Spring..." e.e.evers 9/5/65