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[page 14] THE TOLKIEN SOCIETY OF AMERICA, Dick Plotz, 159 Marlborough Rd. Brooklyn, NY. 11226. The first I heard of this group was when a few months ago I got a form letter from the New York Tolkien Society. I answered and got another letter requesting information and fanzines. I sent, and after a long while got a dittoed notice announcing a meeting at which would be discussed the problem of "The Silmarillion vs Ace." Evidentally the meeting took place a month or so ago, but I haven't hear @heard@ anything. Fred Lerner is closely associated with the group, which means it probably won't get much done, but it has expanded its name and says it plans to unify all Tolkien fandom, and I wish it luck. Regardless of how little they actually accomplish, we all out to cooperate with Plotz as best we can because the better cooperation he gets the better chance he'll get something done.