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[page 1] ENTMOOT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENTMOOT ONE, a fanzine devoted to Tolkein @Tolkien@ and Tolkeinana @Tolkienana@, is edited by Greg Shaw, 2545 Lexington Way, San Bruno, California, and David Hall, 202 Taylor, Crystal City, Mo. This issue compiled, edited and published by David Hall; material for next issue should go to Greg, not me. This is a shrunken introductory issue, a shibbolethic cry of "Look world, here we are," and is not representative of the quality of future issues. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS _Editorial_ by Greg Shaw ...... page two _Amon Lhaw_ words from readers ......... page three _Sindarin page_ message in script .......... page six _An elven saga_ poem by Greg Shaw ......... page seven A window in _Isengard_ publisher's note ......... page ten. Cover of this issue is GOLLUM IN THE LAKE, as interpreted by Becker Staus.