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[page 2] EDITORIAL Well, since this is my first appearance in OMPA as a member, I suppose that the usual introduction is in order. I often feel like two different people, however, so I think I'll talk about each of them seperately. Len Bailes I is a senior in high school. He is 18 years old as you read this. He is also quite sick of high school at this point and itching to get on into college but owing to the fact that he was born twenty day past the registration deadline he must sweat out this last year. He is planning to make mathematics his career and has interests in chess, music and humorous writings in general. Len Bailes I is a hypocrite. While outwardly conforming by being a member of the Debate Club, Chess Club etc. he builds a false image of himself. Actually Len Bailes I is an outraged Young Man who is quick to criticize society and its institutions. Unfortunately, since moving from New York to Charlotte, he has been forced to keep his mouth shut on many topics which upset, his sense of justice. But he does not wish to be branded a radical, an atheist, or a Communist by the illhabitants thereof. (These terms denote "anyone who disagrees with me" in this region and are not to be confused with the usual definitions one associates with the words) Len Bailes I also reads Science Fiction and collects it for some reason. He is a rather cynical person, but one -. who nevertheless enjoys life reasonably well and doesn't desire any earth shaking changes. Len Bailes II is a trufan. He was born in the N3F in early 1963. He has since become active in genfandom publishing, with Arnold Katz, a genzine called EXCALIBUR and LoCing anything which comes his way, more likely than not. He is a member of N'APA, SEPA, and now OMPA, and as a waitinglister contributes frequently to SAPS and the Cult. Len Bailes II is also active in Postal Diplomacy, a game which, through RINGWRITH 2 [page 3] the auspices of Dick Schultz, you should now be somewhat familiar with. He has attended one regional convention and one Worldcon and has been known to visit himself upon Fanoclasts,ESFAns and even Lunarians. He has also recently become a member of the LASFS in absentia contributing to APA L. Len Bailes II thinks that LB I is a concieted square and beleives that the object of life is to have fun and not worry about anything. His chief feeling is that LB I ought to keep his mouth shut lest his foot get stuck in it. Len Bailes I thinks LB II is an idiot for pouring all that good money and time into fanzines. There, now that that's finished with I can come out from behind that stuffy third person buisness. Actually I'm not quite as schizophrenic as the description makes me sound, but there are two distinct viewpoints which struggle to gain the upperhand in me. One says: "To hell with it, just live" and the other says "Why the heck don't you try to do something to straighten out this messed up Planet, you lazy good for nothing slob." I think I'll live up to the American image of being forward by criticizing the OMPA Constitution. I don't really have anything against it, but I wish it applied to OMPA. For example, it says that the membership limit is 45 whereas there have previously been 48 members. But more important it says that an invitee must get six pages of activity in before he can become a member. Let me tell you, when I read that I almost collapsed. Due to the Postal Strike in England and other factors I didn't find out that I was an invitee until mid August, not in time to have something in the 41st mailing. A phonecall to Rick Schultz and letters from Fred Patten and Ron Bennett finally managed to quell my shaking nerves. You see, I have this Thing about apas. The thought of returning to the bottom of the wl (that is, when I thought there _was_ a wl) was reducing me to a jellied state. I don't like the rule which seems to be accepted either. Some people can freeload for a whole year's worth of free mailings without even once having contributed under the present interpretation. I suggest that an invitee must produce six pages by the _second_ mailing after he is notified of his status There seems to be talk about OMPA declining, and this might help rid the group of deadbeats. But at any rate, the constitution should be kept current. The title of this thing, in case there's someone out there who isn't acquainted with Tolkien, is from _The Lord of The Rings_. The inscription on the cover is Angerthas. I just finished reading the Ring Trilogy several weeks ago, and it impressed me tremendously. I used to think that _The Worm Ouroboros_ by E.R. Eddison was good. LOtR dwarfs it into insignificance. In fact, Tolkien's work deserves a prominent place in mainstream literature. I predict that it iwll be regarded as one of THE books of the mid twentieth century. Of course, my opinion is affected by the fact that I've just read it, in all fairness. I'll come back in a year when it's all in perspective, and see if I still feel the same way The article on the Trachtenberg System included in this issue is a segment of a paper which got me a prize in a math fair awhile ago. I thought it might be of interest to some of you. <the following text is crossed out> And besides it takes up space> <end crossed out text> More nextish, if you want. RINGWRAITH 3