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[page 21] I Palantir 3 is published by Bruce Pelz, Box 100, 308 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, California 90024 April 1964, Incunebulous Publication 260 "Thank Goodness" Kind and patient friends, this is indeed I PALANTIR 3, successor to that #2 published in 1961. That it appears even now is somewhat of a miracle, and the publisher would be hard-put to guarantee the 4th issue in the _next_ three years. Lack of material is the primary problem. The featured writing in this issue, "The Parting of Arwen," was not received until January of 1963. Its authoress sent it in, saying she had been greatly influnced by Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Jewel of Arwen" in the second issue. With this, a few illustrations coaxed from an extremely busy and beleaguered Bjo Trimble, and the _Critique_ article from the "files," we almost had enough for an issue by the middle of 1963 -- but not quite. The Bisenieks article was found in some other "files," and a few letters were written asking for reprint permission on several articles by Doc Weir from British fanzines. Terry Jeeves kindly gave permission to reprint "No Monroe in Lothlorien," but in several months no other word has been received. I am unwilling to wait longer, and this small issue is the result. I hope you enjoy it. As for futur issues, they are still possible. I had decided to give up I PALANTIR after this issue, turning it over to Ted Johnstone. But it has become more and more evident that he has even less time than I, and communication has decreased in the past few years, to the point where I don't think Ted even knows what's in this issue. Therefore, I shall continue to publish I PALANTIR when -- and if -- there is material to publish. A few items could still be reprinted -- another Weir article, a long MZB article originally published in FAPA, the series of articles by Ted Johnstone in PSI-PHI regarding a possible filming of _The Lord of the Rings_. Otherwise, there is nothing in the files for another issue. I hope that some of you can correct this situation. The Second Annual meeting of the Fellowship was held at the Seattle World Science Fiction Convention in September 1961. Nothing of import was heard, and there have been no meetings at the two succeeding conventions. The Award for the best Tolkien artwork at the Seattle convention was not awarded, because of lack of entries in the competition. The award, a cross-stitch sampler of the "Tall ships and tall kings..." motif, done by Dean W. Dickensheet, was held over to the 1962 Chicago convention, where it was won by Jim Cawthorne of England for his drawing "Field of Pelennor." The third Fellowship award, a trophy featuring a figurine of an Orc -- one of the figurined which won the first award for Sidney Lanier in 1960 -- was not awarded at the 1963 Washington DC convention, once more because of a lack of entries. It will be held over for the @doubled word@ Oakland convention this year. Many thanks are due to Bjo Trimble, owner of the set of figurines, for donating the Orc. Let's hope there are more entries this time. ---- Bruce Pelz, publisher