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[page 9] The February issue of _If_ had a great McIntosh story in it that shows a lot of promise; it's ca11ed _The Ten-Point Princess_. (disclaimer) SALUD Salud, fellow Libran. Mine is on the 7th which is fortunate. No. I don't think Rich Brown is Entish, @wither@, @If@ he were just a teeny shorter and fatter, he would be a lovely hobbit. The most Entish person I know is Walter Breen. Minus the zoris and plus a bit more bark, he would be a passable imitation of Treebeard. How about it Walter? The next Worldcon costume ball? Elinor, I can't stand Ayn Rand. When I think of her and her nauseating generalizations, her @grandioseflights@ of pooh, I feel ill. Do _you_ think Mickey Spillane is @Ghod@? I have always felt that there is nothing more important in life than finding someone you love better than yourself. @I also@ think that perpetual self-sacrifice is tiresome, but does she have to be so militant on the subject. Who gives a @yharst@ what she lives her life for the sake of? ( nuts to dangling participles) PHANTASY PRESS Item: Gumpersons law The contradictory of a welcome probability will assert itself whenever such an eventuality is likely to be the most frustrating. a. That after a raise in salary you will have less money at the end of the month than you had before. b. That the person who buys the most raffle tickets has the least chance of winning. c. That good parking places are always on the other side of the street. d. etc. This was brought on @my your@ final words. Interesting? WITH LOVE AND COOKIES Look, pal, what do I have to do to convince you that I have held a SAPS membership on my own since 1960. I produced two, count 'em, two, issues of PSILO between the time Lee and I separated and the time I got into FAPA on my own. I sent you a copy of my SAPSzine, do you want my blood? Like, have a heart. NULL-F Whaddaya mean, fuzzy mimeoing? @Nyway@ thanks for recognizing that I existed in @fandon@ pre FAPA. I published my first deathless fannish prose way back in 1959, and have had 6 SAPSzines and 1 FAPAzine in that time. I also have attended 1 worldcon and two westercons, and will be at the Discon with castanets and bells on, maybe veeblefetzers. Deindorfer, how would you like an unpleasant muddy green color in your eye? A PROPOS DE REIN Jim, you must be a swinger with the femmes not to know what 86 means. To be 86ed meant originally to be tossed out of a @ladie's@ apartment. Since then it has evolved to mean getting shafted, shot down or otherwise backstabbed. Jack Harness claims eligibility on the grounds that when he made a dreadful pun once at my place, I escorted him through numerous fans draped on the floor and furniture saying as I wafted him downward, " Out Harness, Out out OUT! " This may or may not entitle him to membership. If not, I'm sure I can think of something.