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[page 9] _right:_ Sylvia White, Fantasy Art trophy winner with _award_ sponsored by Dick Eney, and prize-winning painting, "World of Sesha". {Photograph: The photo described appears to the right of the caption. A young woman holds a trophy shaped like a skull as she looks at a painting and a ribbon. The grayscale and angle of the photograph do not allow an accurate description of the picture.} A photo-page of Project Art Show winners, and artwork is an idea which has been floating around for some time. Thru @Through@ the combined efforts of Bruce Pelz, photographer, and George Scithers, who kindly multilithed these pages so well, we may now present the experiment. Granted that we lose a lot in not having full color, but we think that the idea of the richness may get across, anyway. Not all of the winners were present at Seacon, where these photos were taken, but we feel that if these pages meet with your approval; it may be worth trying to track down _all_ of the winners, each year. These photos were taken from color slides, copies of which are available from Bruce Pelz at 30 cents each (Apt 107, 738 S. Mariposa, Los Angeles 5). He has others of the art show, also. Some of the artwork shown is still available for sale; contact Bjo or the artist direct for information, if you are interested in original artwork. Copies of these photos also go into the Project Art Show archives for future records. Therefore, we are very interested in photos of all previous trophy winners, with their awards and, if at all possible, the winning painting. Photos will be paid for by Project Art Show. _left:_ George Metzger, with trophy for Science Fiction Illustration, sponsored by Forrest J Ackerman. Winning painting, "Homecoming", at top; lower painting is titled "Miracle". {Photograph: The photo described appears to the left of the caption. A man with a well oiled mustache faces the camera as he holds a trophy. He is standing before two of his illustreations. The top illustration, which was awarded a ribbon, depicts the earth as seen from the cabin of a space ship. The bottom illustration is partially blocked by Metzer's body. It appears to depict a woodland scene with a wizard protecting a damsel.} [page 10] _left_; M.L. Meatheringham, with NFFF trophy for Most Promising of Show, and winning artwork of inks and watercolors. These pictures were too small in detail to photograph very well. {Photograph: As described in the caption a woman holds a trophy as she stands before 5 illustrations. Three of the illustrations have been awarded ribbons. The illustrations cannot be made out well.} The Project Art Show Trophies {Diagram: A diagram of the trophy table divides the awards into the three columns they appear in on the table. The awards in the first column are as follows (presented from the back of the table to the front- following original formating): Popular Vote (PSFA), Most Promising (N3F), Judge's Choice (Kyles), and SF Illo (Ackerman). Middle column: Fellowship of the Ring- a certificate, Astronomical (LASFS), and Heroic Fantasy (Hyborian Legion). Right column: Fantasy (Eney), Outré (FMoF), and Children's Fantasy (Gaul).} {Photograph: A picture appears of the actual trophy display appears to the right of the previous diagram. Each trophy has a unique appearence, the most unique of which are a skull, a hammar and a certificate.} _left_: (dark panel) art by Helen Urban (light panel) top: "Fire-Bird" & "Medusa" lower (1 to r) "The Star Fisher", "Rite" & "Comanleigh" by George Barr, Utah {Photograph: The photo appearing left of the caption picutres what is described. Most of the illustrations are not clearly visible because of the angle of the photograph. The remainder are too distant for specific details.}