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[page 1] BRUCE PELZ @sez@ ".....the membership cards. We want to do the things in 4 colour, but lithography costs too much, and gestetnering won't give good enough justification. The best bet seems to be getting zinc plates made and running them off on one of the local members' printing press. First step is to get the drawings made, and I've been heckling Jack Harness for a couple of months now on that score. So the cards are in the works -- the design is complete, at least, with any luck we can have them done in a month or so. {Image: To the far right of the text an image of three alchemical vials rise from the largest at the bottom left of the image to the smallest at the top right. All three vials are conencted by alembic tubing. The large and small vials are filled with liquid, while the middle is foaming bubbles.} At the Pittcon, the Fellowship presented a prize for the best Tolkien artwork in the Art Show. We're doing the same thing this year at Seattle, but this time the prize, instead of being an engraved goblet will probably be a needlework sampler of the Ring Motif: "Three Rings for the Elven Kings...". One of the local members does these things, and he's offered to do one to be presented as a Fellowship @prixe@. They're excellent jobs, and should do very well." end OF Bruce's bit.