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[page 2] Here are some more titles in the /-/Fantasy-Adventure/-/ genre you should know: Poul Anderson "The Valor of Cappen Varra" (_Fantastic Universe S.F._ Jan. 1957) Clifford Ball "The Thief of Forthe" (_Weird Tales_, July 1937) "Duar the Accursed" (_Weird Tales_, May 1937) "The Goddess Awakes" (_Weird Tales_, Feb. 1938) Henry Kuttner "Ragnarok" (_Weird Tales_, June 1937) "The Jest of Droom Avista" (_Weird Tales_, Aug. 1937) "Thunder in the Dawn" (_Weird Tales_, May-June l938) "Spawn of Dagon" (_Weird Tales_, Jul. 1938) "Beyond the Phoenix" (_Weird Tales_, Oct. 1938) "Cursed Be the City" (_Strange Stories_, March 1939) "The Citadel of Darkness" (_Startling Stories_, Aug. 1939) C.H. Mackintosh "Melchior Makes Magic" (_Weird Tales_, May l928) L SPRAGUF DF CAMP "Ogresden" Wallingford, Penna.