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[page 7] "----, ORGANIZE!" by Harold V. Lynch Well maybe we shoudn't encourage the formation of any more specialized sub-groups and clubs within fandom because they divide us too much. But I can see @usefullness@ in one more such club --- an association of SF clubs. Among people responsible for membership recruiting, programming, and management in SF clubs across the country, such a group would be @helpfull@ to exchange ideas, information, and encouragement. All clubs have problems in planning interesting meetings, finding ways to reach new prospects, finding inexpensive places to meet, etc. An association, meeting at least at each worldcon and maybe at some of the regional conferences, could promote some ideas for making clubs better, and there's no reason why it has to be a kind of central government like WSFS, Inc. There may be some who'd say we don't need it, but is there any group or organization set up to do what it could do? /#######/ GOT A LETTER FROM BJO the other day partly concerning the same subject. She suggests a LASFS-PSFS <'axis' with each letter struck through> "@kultural@ exchange" for just the same sort of thing that Hal is talk- ing about up top. Any ideas? Also a notice of The Second Annual Fantasy Art Show to be held at the SEACON. They want material for exhibition on fantasy, fannish, or science fictional themes. Included is an excellent list of exhibition requirements and mailing suggestions. It's too lengthy to copy but I'll be happy to bring it around for anyone who's interested. She also says, referring to the '63 Con.... "when Philly gets it. They will."....Dick...Bob...are you out there? MORE FROM THE WEST: Ted Johnstone, editor of _I Palantir_ for The Fellowship of the Ring is looking for material for his next issue. I _know_ some of you Tolkien fans haven't written anything for him yet. How about it? His address is: "Bag End", 1503 Rollin St., South Pasadena, California. They finally found Lumumba....at the Hotel Leopoldville, on the menu.