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[page 27] <Handwritten: line of text is cut off> <Handwritten: May '60> LETTERS fan dance &EB As I'm staring to stencil this letter-column only a matter of a couple of weeks after mailing TRIODE 17 out, you'll understand, I hope, why your letter isn't printed - it came in a little too late. Not your fault though, just the result of a New @Years@ Resolution on my part to get TRIODE back onto schedule. Any particularly quotable screeds will be excerpted from in the next issue. Most of you'll recall that there was a highly erudite ariticle in the last issue by Doc' Weir, on filming "The Lord Of The Rings", I sent a copy of this issue, together with one of T16 (in which there was some comment on the books) along to the author. Herewith his reply.