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[page 10] _DOC_ _WEIR_ Sorry, but I _still_ vehemently dislike "Fellowship of the Ring" as title for proposed society. Joe Patrizio was quite rude about it! Joy Clarke's effusion is so misrepresentative it calls for a counter-blast; it's just purple prose with little behind it except glamorization of her childhood's memories (my own go back to the daylight air raids of 1917!) The V2 attacks were mild compared to the "conventional" air-raids of the earlier years, and easy nerves, since V2 arrived faster than sound, so that when you heard it you already knew whether you were safe. Conventional air-raids were far worse, but one always thought: "Oh, they're trying for the power-station (marshalling yard, Smith & Robinson's factory or what-have-you) and, Thanks Be! we're not too close to it." In cold blood you knew it wasn't sound reasoning, but it was a most comforting thought, all the same. Now the V1's really _were_ nasty, you could hear the "mad motor-cycle" snarl of their jets for several miles as they came, and you knew that it was just blind hookey where they landed. Most uncomfortable! Perhaps I'm prejudiced here, since one hit the house adjoining mine, blew it to bits and pretty completely wrecked mine, @desides@ blowing me out of bed on a very cold morning at 4:02 a.m. Von Braun, of coure, had nothing to do with V1's, letting alone conventional air-raids, and anyway most Londoners don't even know he exists, letting alone holding it against him. If asked they say: "Why shouldn't the -------- (censorable epithet) serve his own side, anyway?" The average Britisher is a poor hater, and can "take it" without whining for sympathy afterwards -- which, of course, raises the queation how far Joy Clarke in any way repreaents the average Britisher -- a point worth serious consideration! There is always a (suitable adjective) "fringe" to every movement, including S-F fandom! Sorry, but Joy's wailings are a national insult. GLAMDRING I: "MORDOR in '64" -- GLAMDRING II: "Los Angeles in '64." _Now_ we know what Los Angeles is _really_ like after all the fakes the films feed us!