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[page 6] FOLLOW-UP DEPARTMENT: In GLAMDRING 1 I mentioned F.M. Busby's objection to the use of the name "The [page 7] Fellowship of the Ring" for @thesociety@ of Tolkien-buffs because it was too specific for a mere group of @afficienados@. Buz wrote to object to my terminology: "I did _not_ say that "Fellowship...: was too "specific" a title for the Tolkien Society. I said "presumptious" (re the Apostles analogy); "select" was also ban- died, in the originial citation." The original quotation from CRY 138, p.25: 'Fellowship of the Ring'is entirely presumptious a title for a group of aficianados; it's as if a dozen Bible students decided to call themselves 'The @twelve@ Apostles'. In the equivalent Sherlock Holmes group, the "Baker Street Irregulars" were a gang of ragtag kids who ran errands for the great Holmes. Tolkien's Fellowship was a most select group; the Nine Walkers were Frodo, Samwise, Merry Pippin, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, and Gandalf. Many others appeared in the trilogy in strong and even steller-type roles, but none else but the Nine were of the Fellowship itself; all others, however heroic, were supporting-types only. I suggest that a more modest title is in order for a group of ardent appreciators of the the works of Mr. Tolkien. Among the possibilities are "Riders of Rohan: ("Horsemen of Rohan" or "Rohirrim"?), (oops, "The Muster of Rohan" would go well, too), Men of Middle Earth, the Shiremen, Defenders of Gondor, Entmoot, etc.-- I'm sure that many eminently suitable titles can be @estracted@ from the text; I hope we're not boring the non-Tolkien crowd in the audience." Through my twisting of word- meanings, I used "specific" as the same thing as "select." I still had in mind the idea that the objection was based on the title not being general enough. Admittedly, it'd be far too presumptious for the organization to identify themselves so closely with the Nine Walkers -- but the term "Fellowship of the Ring" had a larger meaning, too, including every member of the Free Peoples, inasmuch as they were helping to get the One Ring to its ultimate destruction. This is how those of us who have been trying to start the Tolkien organization have interpreted the phrase. But we'd be glad to get opinions and suggestions from any other Tolkien-ites as to the proposed name.