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[page ?] TRIODE No 17 Eric the Bent leads off this issue with some editorial viewpoints -- looking forward, to 1960, backward, to 1959; and State-sideways, to TAFF. Then John Berry takes over, with the story of how Irish Fandom entered the Rocket Racket: "Misguided Missle" -- one of his best in the Canon of the Wheels of IF. Harry Warner, who seems to be in most all the rooms these days, writes of the mental impressions which fans' street addresses convey. It's an interesting game, @tho@ I suspect most of these travelling @jiants@ here in California would be unable to play it fairly, since they've _been_ to all these fan-houses. But let's take, as an example, 423 Summit Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland -- the address of Harry Warner. The picture it evokes is that of a high hill, with a number of houses, all set back rather well from the street. Number 423 would be toward the end of the block -- possibly the end one but one -- a two-storey, plus cellar and attic, mansion built in the late twenties. I suppose I could go over someone's file of HORIZON and find a description to either substantiate or completely refute this idea, but let the wild guess stand. The game is fun to play, correct or not in the suppositions. Co-editor Terry Jeeves natters away in _his_ editorial section on TAFF, fan part- ies, and a campaign to Ban The Oxygen Plants -- they give off a gas which can be fatal in @exess@ dosage. Lovely bit. "Doc" Weir discusses the idea of filming Tolkien's _The Lord of the Rings_. He evidently has not seen Ted Johnstone's columns on this same subject in PSI-PHI, but he begins from an angle that Ted hasn't touched: the settings for the various scenes. I am unfamilliar with most of his suggested locales, but from the descriptions they would seem to be most excellent ones. He goes on to discuss casting problems (whence comes the article's title, "No Monroe in Lothlorien"), and a suggestion for one of the elf-songs of Imladris: "A Fairy Plaint" from Kennedy-Frazer's "Songs of the Hebrides," which I would like very much to hear. I think there is certainly enough material in the idea of such a film to fill columns in two fanzines -- or more. And I'd like to suggest that Doc consider turning his ideas on the subject into an article for the 00 of the now-forming Tolkien Society. I very definitely agree with the cartoon theme of this issue, BENTCLIFFE FOR TAFF !!!