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[page 1] FEEDBACK THIS IS FEEDBACK # ONE, PUBLISHED BY JACK HARNESS FOR THE CULT Bruce Pelz and I haven't decided yet whether this is going to be a oneshot with two editors or a twoshot with individual editors. I don't know what Bruce is going to call his zine. Well, my small and uninformed group, what's to talk about? I am _not_ the oneshot type fan, let's face it. If I achieve anything here other than stilted prose, you can bless your respective not-ghods for it. The time here is about three weeks before the departure for the Pittcon. Now, this is being held in my original home town, and the only sorrow I felt about this was the fact that I wouldn't have a chance to carry any of my collection back to Los Angeles. Everything's stored in the attic, buried in, and in turn burying, family mundane junk. With twelve, possibly thirteen, fans coming back from Pittsburgh to California in three foreign cars --- a Volvo, a Hillman Minx, and Peugeot --- there was utterly no room for anything extra. Until I spoke with Bruce Pelz..... "I'm taking along some library stickers," quoth he. "Oh?" I responded, not grasping the point. "I'm shipping what I buy at Pittsburgh at Library rates." Bruce works at the Los @ANgeles@ City College library (space left here for Bruce to correct that if I haven't rendered the title correctly:+++ +++.) "Wellllll, book rate at a pound for nine cents and four cents a pound there- after isn't _too_ bad," I replied, feeling a small minus continuum come into being in the general area of my wallet in this time continuum. "Cheaper than that," says Pelz. "Oh?" "Library rates are four cents for the first pound and one cent a pound there- after," he chimes in triumphantly. I whoop in delight, and he says he's taking plenty for all of us. Seems he had thoroughly cowed his --- supervisor, I think it was --- into accepting whatever he wanted, so there'll be no questions asked. All I have to do is pick them up at the library and lug them home from there. You know, if I pack them in neatly, I can mannage a few shirts at library rates .... this Pelz is a handy thing to have around. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Have just read through "Critique," a college literary review magazine, with a fine article on "(The) Ethical Pattern in _The Lord of the Rings_," and also ROVER # 9, a Project Art Showzine. Damn, I won't have much change to (that should read chance with a c, not change with a g) (but shows what I'm thinking of: money) do any art of much import to sell at the Con. Next time gives more time in preparation. But I have discovered the joys of overtime, which make possible things like Conventions in @thefirst@ place, and you can't have everything. End of Page One; Page Two is very close by.